Frequently asked questions

For who?

I mostly work with young people and adults but I also offer sessions to children (6+ yr).


Session details

Sessions last for 50 minutes and occur weekly at an agreed time.


The fee per session is £50 and can be paid by cash or bank transfer on the day of the appointment. A reduced fee can be discussed.


My practice is located at Newton Place, G3 7PR, Glasgow.


English or Flemish/Dutch.


What you share in your sessions is confidential. If you disclose risk of harm to yourself or someone else, I will have to inform an emergency contact or relevant professional. I will always put your interests first and I will discuss any sharing of information with you before doing so, unless it's an emergency.

It is important to have a ‘healthy degree of privacy’ for children and young people. Wherever possible, I will encourage and support children to communicate with their parents or caregivers but it is still up to them if they want to share anything. I will invite parents or caregivers to review the therapeutic work on a regular basis.

Your artwork

Any artwork you make during sessions will be safely stored in a lockable cupboard or folder. When you finish sessions, you can decide whether to take your artwork home or not.